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Functional reliability guaranteed

The DQS has evaluated all product oriented processes at tecsis and certified them in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. We have also carried out many other internationally recognised tests and audits. And all with one goal in mind: Providing our customers with the maximum possible safety and highest quality. This also applies to applications for which special certification is required.

ISO 9001:2015_DQS CertificateDIN EN ISO 9001:2015
Certificate - Production Quality Assurance NotificationDIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005

AEO – Authorised Economic Operator

Starting at 20th February 2015, tecsis is an AEO – Authorised Economic Operator. This means we are recognized worldwide as safe, secure and compliant business partners in international trade. Which is a great benefit for our customers.

Authorised Economic Operator
in Effect at 20. February 2015DE AEOF 120302

Certified Safety

Providing people with effective and also achieving process reliability, high precision, reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs at the same time: Reliable force measuring technology from tecsis can play an important part.

tecsis sysems and components used all over the world: Wherever maximum safety counts. Below you will find our certificates.

Test Certificates Force Measurement

IECEx-Certification of conformity
for electrical force transducers Fx3Cx, Fx2Cx

No. IECEx BVS 13.0036X Issue No.: 1
Force transducers F*3C*... .20****K****.***
No. IECEx BVS 08.0028X

protection by flameproof enclosures "d"
for force transducers Fx3Cx

No. IECEx BVS 13.0036X
EC-Type Examination Certificate
for electrical force transducers Fx3Cx Fx2Cx
No. BVS 08 ATEX E 075 X
EC-Type Examination Certificate
flameproof enclosure "d"
for force transducers Fx3Cx
BVS 13 ATEX E 025 X

Safety Overload Protection on Cranes (China)

acc. to TSG Q7014-2008

No. TX 4000-16-09-0562 
for electrical force transducers Fx3Cx
No. E312091-20080430

IECEx Certificate
for inclination sensors

IECEx BVS 13.0065X
EC-Type Examination Certificate for Tilt sensors type N**1C****** flameproof enclosure "d"BVS 17 ATEX ZQS/E288
EC-Type Test Certificate
Multifunctional Safety System ELMS****
DGUV Test No. ET 17060/17061

DGUV Test EC Type-Examination Certificate
ELMS1: Electronic rated capacity limiting device for cranes whose stability is not endangered

HSM 19012/19013

BVS 13 ATEX E 030 X
EC-Type Examination Certificate

BVS 13 ATEX E 030 X