Known Consignor

Secure supply chain

To the destination quickly and reliably

As a "known consignor" with certification by the German Federal Aviation Authority, goods dispatched or made ready for dispatch by tecsis are deemed to be already secure before they leave the company (regulation EC 300/2008).

tecsis is an officially recognised known consignor. This means that, as a regular dispatcher of goods via air freight, tecsis would be categorised as dependable and trustworthy by the German Federal Aviation Authority.

Decisive advantages for our customers

For that reason, our freight consignments obtain customs clearance faster and totally trouble-free.

Your cost advantage: Additional costs for insuring the freight for export.

Your time advantage: Checks take time. Since these checks are not necessary with our deliveries, there are no freight delays. Fast and punctual delivery of the goods is guaranteed.

Your quality advantage: Opening and repacking goods in the course of checks does not apply. Potential damage to the goods that may arise due to repacking is also avoided.

These are decisive advantages when punctual delivery is what matters. By virtue of its "known consignor" status, tecsis guarantees troublefree processing of your orders .

Known Consignor