Secure shipping: AEO C/S certification

“Authorised Economic Operator”

An efficient logistics chain that delivers results is a constant component of tecsis service, and tecsis GmbH’s status as an “Authorised Economic Operator” (AEO C/S) is just one element of this. This means that customs will process your goods deliveries from us as quickly as possible with priority status – and the products you have ordered will reach you at your premises sooner.

The background to this is an EU-wide security initiative aimed at ensuring a consistently secure international delivery chain from manufacturer to end user. This includes a detailed examination of company procedures carried out by the customs authorities, and we took this opportunity to further optimise some of our internal processing – improving quality and security for our customers still further.

Many advantages

What are the advantages of tecsis as an AEO-C/S certificate-holder?

  • tecsis goods and documents are checked less frequently by customs.
  • If any shipments are selected for inspection, the customs authorities check these as a priority.
  • Data sets when submitting summary entry and exit declarations are reduced (“pre-declaration”).
  • Liaison with customs is generally improved, as AEO status pre-qualifies tecsis as a trustworthy business partner.

This also has clear advantages for our customers:

  • You can improve planning, as the vast majority of customs-related set-backs and delays in goods deliveries to your premises can be avoided.
  • You can rely on secure processing even in respect of theft or loss.
  • You have the benefit of low costs, as tecsis ensures optimised processing across the entire delivery chain.
  • You can rely on long-term security, as we have to provide proof of ongoing adherence to standards through annual monitoring and a re-audit on a three-yearly basis.

Long-term qualified status

Darmstadt main customs office has certified tecsis as an “Authorised Economic Operator” and thus as an especially reliable and trustworthy company. An axiomatic part of this certification is that we make our own suppliers and partners aware of what is required and satisfy ourselves that they are equally compliant with all specified security standards.