Test Certificates

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This page offers you an overview of our most important certificates. If you would like to know more or if you need further certificates please contact us. We will provide you with the needed information.

Test Certificate for Mechanical Pressure Gauges

Germanischer Lloyd

Heavy Duty pressure gauges
Model P1533, P1534

Zert.Nr. 82 781-92 HH
Germanischer Lloyd
Pressure gauges with glycerine filling
Model P1453, P1454
Zert.Nr. 82 782-92 HH
Germanischer Lloyd
Pressure gauges with glycerine filling
Model P1778, P1779, P1780, P1781
Zert.Nr. 82 783-92 HH
Germanischer Lloyd
Pressure gauges with or without filling
Model P2324, P2328, P2325, P2329
Zert.Nr. 82 784-92 HH

TYPE Approval Certificate 
Model P1536, P1760, P1761, P1762, P2032, P2033, P2105, P2106, P2112, P2113, P2115, P2116, P2314, P2317, P2318

Job Id: 262.1-022528-1
Certificate No: TAA000000KU

Test Certificates for Pressure Sensors
KEMA EC-Type Examination Certificate
Pressure Sensors PEX17, PEX18
No.: 10ATEX0099 X
Pressure sensors for industrial applications
Model P3297
Certificat QUYX.E312091
Germanischer Lloyd
Pressure sensors
Model P3276
Zert.Nr. 99 309-97 HH
Dekra, EG-Certification
Pressure sensors in Ex-design
Model PEX1X
BVS 08 ATEX E067 X