Success against plagiarism

Comparison between an original tecsis and a  fake manometer

tecsis GmbH defends itself successfully against a company that sold and produced counterfeits of tecsis products.

The fake manometer on the Chinese market were already noticed in 2010. In a raid near Shanghai the Chinese police and AIC (Administration of Industry and Commerce) confiscated numerous of fake products. The manometers in China had the trademark right protected logo of the tecsis GmbH. During the investigation also the products from the private brand dmass attraced attention. Those pretended to be manufactured in Germany - Made in Germany. This fraud was prosecuted by tecsis. In a court process tecsis were awarded - in the course of a seizure - with the German trademark rights for dmass.

The Chinese company was also ordered to pay a fine. In addition, the content of the judgment must be knowen on the company's website.

For affected tecsis has set up an information page. Under you can find out which products were affected by the fraud, and what steps are needed to find out if you have received counterfeit products.

In 2012 the forgeries were honored with the Plagiarius. The Plagiarius is awarded by the Association Plagiarius e.V.. The annually awarded negative price provides the education and the awareness of the public in regard to the problem of product and brand counterfeiting and its immense negative (macro-) economic impacts. " More information about Plagiarius can be found on the official website: Aktion Plagiarius e.V.