Redundant Force Transducers

tecsis force transducer including load pins, tension link and load cells

tecsis Force transducers, used in cranes and other lifting applications, are available in a redundant version with an additional safety electronic module.

The transducers consist of two separate measurement links. The integrated safety module monitors the outputs of both sensors permanently. In case of error, the electronic sets the analogue output to a preset level of for example 2 mA instead of the normal output of 4…20 mA. An external control system can detect the error immediately and respond accordingly.

The optional safety electronic is specially designed for the high safety demands in cranes. In addition, the force transducers can be used in many other safety related applications, as the relevant key parameters fulfil the requirements according to EN ISO 13849-1.

tecsis provides all safety related parameters of the sensors, which are needed for the calculation of the performance level of the application. The redundant force transducers are used in cranes and other lifting applications.

The transducers are available for example as load pins or tension force transducers allowing an easy integration into the application. The user can select from a wide range of different nominal forces. The transducers can withstand harsh environments and have a high electro-magnetic resistance, which is very important especially in cranes.