PT Compact RTD

Two PT-Compact resistance thermometer with protection tube made of stainless steel

Screw-in resistance thermometer for OEM-Applications

The Model TEP21 of the PT Compact series is the latest addition to the well known PT Compact family. The PT Compact OEM is designed for applications in hydraulics, machinery, heating and ventilation.

The PT Compact OEM uses high end PT100-thin film sensors. The factory adjusted integrated transmitter transforms the resistance signal of the PT100 into a 4-20mA signal. The 4...20mA signal can be transmitted over a long distance. The different measuring ranges between -20 and 120°C cover the main temperature measurement applications.

The housisng and all wetted parts are made of stainless steel. The solid drilled protection tube is designed for up to 600 bar. The robustness of this device also leads to the high ingress protection class (IP 67).

Product details