Miniature Force Transducers

1 Cent coin and miniature force transducer with threaded pins

The new miniature force transducers from tecsis with measuring ranges from 0.25 N up to very high rated loads of 50 kN are specially designed for applications with very restricted installation space.

By virtue of their compactness and varied geometries they are suitable for many areas of application. They are used in measurement and control devices, apparatus and machinery construction, medical equipment, packaging machinery and production lines or cable force measurement, for example.

All miniature force transducers are available in various load ratings. They are easy to install and no trouble to handle because of the simple introductionof force. The measuring bodies are made entirely of high grade stainless steel. Owing to their special form of construction they are insensitive to lateral forces.The high measuring accuracy is guaranteed by the robust form of construction, even with dynamic effects of force.

Areas of application

  • Construction of plant and apparatus
  • Medical equipment
  • Packaging machinery
  • Tensile force measurement
  • Test and control devices
  • Cable force measurement
  • Production lines
  • Experimental set-ups
  • Press-in, stamping and cutting forces
  • Bolt and pin mounting
  • Insertion and extraction forces
  • Solar cell production

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