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Perfect Solutions for Limited Space

Force transducer with thin-film implant

High performance in the smallest space

The innovative force transducers with thin film technology open up new opportunities for force measurement. In force measurement, in view of the complex design and demanding geometry of the parts, made to measure solutions are generally required - thin film sensors are the most up to date answer to this.

tecsis offers you an extensive product palette of these force transducers:

This includes compression force transducers, as well as tension/compression force transducers, special force transducers, shear bars and load pins.

Advantages of force transducers with thin film sensors

Very good temperature behaviour, high long term stability and integrated amplifier electronics.

  • The automatic production procedure enables fast low cost prototype construction in large production runs.
  • The complete manufacture of force transducers is done at the tecsis production manufacture at Offenbach. This guarantees short distances, flexible problem solving for individual requirements and reliable quality "Made in Germany".
  • The basis of this is the many years of project experience, the engineering and the application competence of tecsis.

Force transducers with thin film technology in the technical profile

The thin film sensor is - in the same way as strain gauges - placed directly in the force flow of the transducer. Thus the force proportional tension, compression or shear force is reliably and accurately recorded.

The important difference to the conventional procedure with strain gauges.

Instead of an adhesive joint the strain sensitive resistances are produced on the sensor body by a PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) process. With this procedure the standardised thin film sensors are made in large production runs on special high strength stainless steel.

The (always the same) sensors are put into the stainless steel individually developed force transducers by laser spot welding. Manual work and consequently the possibility of errors, quality variations and cost charges almost completely disappear.

The principle of operation in detail

The strain measurement is done with a Wheatstone bridge circuit consisting of four strain sensitive thin film resistances. In this way the elements for the compensation of the temperature relationship of the zero point and sensitivity to the sensor are achieved. The latest tecsis development consists of a redundant sensor, which accommodates two complete measurement bridges on a diameter of just 7 mm.

The typical divergence of both channels under the effects of disturbance is thus almost completely avoided. The lining up and the ensuing welding of the sensor in the force transducer are important stages in the manufacturing process. With the introduction of integrated amplification electronics in the transducer the assembly is completed and the fully automatic adjustment process can begin. For this force measurement equipment in the range between 1 kN and 1300 kN is used.

Analogue and digital standard industry output signals are available for the subsequent treatment in the user control.

Varied application possibilities

Consequently there is a wide range of applications for force transducers with thin film sensors. Included in these are areas such as mechanical engineering, lifting technology, geo-technology, process technology, energy production and agricultural engineering.

Force transducers with thin film technology:

the alternatives Accurate and reliable recording in the smallest space Consequently thin film sensors are ideally suited for many design situations. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of measuring technology, tecsis offers all important technologies in one place.

Beside force transducers with thin film technologies there are also:

  • Force transducers with strain gauges.
  • Hydraulic force measuring devices.

Are force transducers with thin film technology the right solution? A force transducer with a thin film sensor is ideally suited for many applications. Which technology is best for any given application depends on your requirements, the number of pieces involved and the design situation.

With tecsis you get:

  • Competent advice in the choice of the appropriate force measuring system.
  • Uniform high quality with all important technologies for force recording.
  • An extensive choice of proven standard products, whether force transducers with thin film technology, with strain gauges or hydraulic transducers.
  • Individual solutions, tailor made to the installation situation. Force transducers with thin film sensors: important products
  • Compression force transducers: made of stainless steel and with integrated amplifier. Optionally with SIL-3 approval together with 2 channel computer control.
  • Tension/compression force transducers: with integrated amplifier and optionally with SIL-3 approval, combined with 2 channel computer control. Also available with integrated hinged head or as S-type.
  • Special force transducers:

tecsis also makes special force transducers for various applications:

for example for lifting applications. tecsis also supply shear bars and load pins with innovative thin film technology.

Highest reliability and quality

The tecsis production facility is certified - along the complete production line. Consequently you can be sure that you will receive high quality products from our own works. Whether you chose transducers with thin film technology or another solution - with tecsis you get reliable quality direct from the supplier.