Test Equipment

Chain Hoist Testing Set

This testing set is designed to check the friction clutch on chain hoists (for example in mobile stage machinery). During the tests a force transducer is inserted into the chain and pulled up with it until the chain is blocked by it. The max of the introduced force is measured. The low weight, the ease of use and the display of the max value are the benefits of the force transducer.

FRKPS / KPS35 FRKPS / KPS35 40kg up to 3500kg product details

Testing Set for Chucking Force Measurement

Tension forces in steel cables can be messured in the force flow (tension force transducers) or outside the force flow (by clamped force transducers). Those transducers lead the rope through the triangle caused by the geometry. The forces in the rope are measured by load pins, compression force transducers or other transducers.

Test Set for Measuring of Electrode Forces

To guarantee a constant quality of welded joints it is needed to controll the forces of the electrodes, especially when it comes to automated welding. The testing set allows to test those.

FSK01 FSK01 10 kN; 20 kN product details