Model F7301/F73C1/F73S1 Tension Force Transducer

Customized Tension Transducers

Tension Transducer

Tension transducer with amplifierfor OEM applications

Tension transducers are put in as connecting elements between fork bearings or rope constructions, if tensile forces need to be measured in a simple way. Tension transducers have welded thin film sensors. Produced by very modern manufacturing technology.

Thin film sensors have all advantages of the conventional bonded foil strain gauges, but without having their substantial disadvantages (temperature drifts of the glue and creeping). Thanks to the atomic bonding between the strain gauge and the transducer, the tensile transducers are very robust and stable over time. An integrated amplifier supplies an output signal of 4...20mA or 0...10V. The transducer fulfils the requirements of Standard EN 61326 for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Different geometries, nominal loads and electric outputs can be provided on request.

F73S1 Safety version

Version acc. to the requirements for functional safety acc. Maschines Directive 2006/42/EG, applies only in combination with a safe control, for example ELMS1 overload protection.


ATEX/IECEx (option)

Only equipment and protective systems with the corresponding certification and markings are to be put into operation in potentially explosive areas. Our force transducers with a thin-film measuring cell and integrated amplifier now have approval according to directive 94/9/EC in equipment group II (non-mining products), category 2G for zones 1 and 2 (gases).

Other zones on request. UL-Certification (Option) tecsis force transducers are also available with UL approval. FM and CSA Approval submitted.

Signal jump (option)

Safety electronics have been developed especially for theatre and stage applications. With a signal jump, a function test is carried out in an interval of 24 hours in order to monitor the safe function of the force transducer.