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Customized Tension Transducers

F7301/F73C1 F7301/F73C1 5 kN to 10,000 kN product details

Tension transducer for tensile forces up to 500 tons

For force measurement we are using proven thin-film technology as well as other technologies. In these technologies the sensor is placed within the direct flow of force. This allows reliable measurement of force even when very high loads are being moved: For example, in cranes or other large lifting equipment – possibly in harbours of offshore applications. tecsis tension transducers are the right solution even in such challenging fields of application.

As a manufacturer we offer you assurance: We manufacture your force transducers to the highest quality, from small scale up to transducers for very high tensile forces.

The greatest assurance too for potentially explosive zones

Tension transducers from tecsis are used worldwide by leading manufacturers.
 Our products are approved for even the highest safety requirements. We guarantee the necessary performance level in the plant, for instance when the measuring device needs to be of redundant design. Tension transducers from tecsis are also certified for use in potentially explosive zones.

Quality from our own manufacturing

In the manufacture of our tension transducers we use special stainless steel with 3.1 and 3.2 material certificates: for exceptional tensile strength, hardness and elongation at break. Alternatively, we also supply variants in high strength, fine-grained steel S960QL.

  • Our own calibration equipment. Every tension transducer undergoes a series of quality inspections before it leaves our factory: this starts with the failure load test, is followed by alignment for the amplifier setting, and finishes with calibration. Our calibration equipment is certified by the German national metrology institute (PTB).
  • Global logistics. A capable merchandise management system and reliable logistics partners ensure that your component arrives at its destination "in time".

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