Tension/ Compression Force Transducers


Tension / compression force transducers are used to measure tension and compression forces. For application with limited space or to measure small forces they are used in miniature design.

F2220 F2220 0...1.5 N up to 0...5.000 N product details
F2221 F2221 0...0.01 kN up to 0...50 kN product details
F2808 F2808 0...5 N up to 0...2,000 N product details


S-Type with internal thread is a typical design for tension/ compression force transducers. They have a high accuracy and are used for nominal loads up to 50 kN.

F2211 F2211 0...0.02 kN ... 0...50 kN product details
F2802 F2802 0...50 to 0... 5000 kg product details

with External Thread

The tension/ compression force transducers with external thread have a compact design and can be applied in a wide nominal load range.

F2301 F2301 from 1 kN up to 100 kN product details
F2216 F2216 0...1 kN to 0...100 kN product details
F2226 F2226 0...10 kN to 0...3300 kN product details
F2304, F23C4 F2304, F23C4 0 ... 1 kN up to 0 ... 50 kN product details

Flat Section

Flat section force transducers are usually applied in test equipment. They are fatique resistant even in highly dynamic applications. The tension and compression forces are applied through the centric internal thread.

F2210 F2210 0...0.5 kN to 0...2000 kN product details
F2228 F2228 0…1 KN up to 0…250 kN product details