Strain Force Transducer


Strain Transducer with Thin-Film Sensor

The strain transducer F9302 has been designed for applications in which there is a need to measure the deformation due to external forces acting on an existing component. The device is simply screwed onto the component. After calibration the unit obtains the characteristics of a force transducer.

The strain transducer is suitable for use on structures where elongation is in the range 1.0‰. Two screws are used to attach it to a region of the structure at which the relevant elongation occurs. A 0…10V amplifier is integrated. The combined deformation body/strain transducer is easy to calibrate via control signals. Measuring range selection is optionally available and can be triggered via a further control line.

The overall accuracy achieved depends on the installation situation, but is better than 2% of FS. At the heart of the strain transducer is a 7mm thin-film sensor with a temperature-compensated Wheatstone bridge circuit fitted into the tightest of spaces. The digital programmable amplifier permits factory presetting to specific application requirements.    

The transducer may be used both for static and for dynamic measurement. The strain transducers fulfil the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements of EN 61326.