Model F2303

Tension-/Compression Sensor with Integrated Thin-Film Sensor and Swivel Head

Tension-/ Compression Force Transducer

Swivel heads are important machine elements with regard torotary motions, pivoting or tilting movements. More and more in such applications forces are to be measured. Especially for that reason tecsis developed a swivel head force transducer using latest thin film technology.

Head dimensions are fixed according to DIN 648 (DIN ISO12240-4), measure series E, internal connection thread according to measure series K. This also corresponds with the connection measures of standard pneumatic cylinders according to ISO 8139. Bearings are maintenance -free and suited for alternating load. Transducers can be treated with alternating load up to 50%.

Force transducers can be mounted on lifting cylinders directly. E.g. in this way they can be used for measuring connecting forces or detecting overloads.Thanks to thin film technology (atomic bonding between strain gages and transducer) swivel head force transducers are very robust and long-term stable. An integrated amplifier delivers an output signal of 4...20 mA. Swivel head force transducer fulfils the regulations of EMC according to directive EN 61326.

Other geometries, nominal loads and electrical outputs can be realized on request.