Model F9303/F93C3

Press-In Sensor with Thin-film Sensor and Integrated Amplifier

Press-In Sensor

The press-in sensor has been developed for applications where deformations caused by external forces are to be measured in existing components. Due to the press-fit method, installation is simple and an existing component is given the properties of a force transducer.

The press-in sensor can be used in existing structures from a material thickness of 4 mm and a tensile strength of > 350 N/mm2. It issuitable for use in structures with a strain of 0,1‰ £ e £ 0,25‰. The press-in sensor contains an integrated programmable digital amplifier. After fitting the sensor, zero point and sensitivity are set using the tecsis handheld programming unit (EPE01). This makes a standardised mA or V signal available. Depending on the installation, an overall accuracy of < 2% F.S. scale range is achieved.

More information: Measuring with Pressed-in Sensors