Special Force Transducers

Twistlock Sensors

Sensor implant to measure loads directly on a spreader.

F9205 F9205 Suitable for all common twist lock types product details

Strain Transducer

Those transducers are used to measure material strain. Young's modulus allows to create a signal which is proportional to the applied force.

F9302 F9302 Strain up to a max . 200 μ ε , 500 μ ε or max. 1.000 μ ε product details


Developed to measure forces at swivel heads those compression/tension force transducers are used in electric, pneumatic and hydraulic hoist cylinders.

F2303 F2303 18 / 34 / 45 kN product details

Wire Rope Transducer

Clamp on sensors allow to measure loads on existing steel cables. We offer Clamp on sensors for stationary and running ropes.

F9204 F9204 from 1 t up to 40 t and cable diameter 7-32 mm product details
F9304 F9304 from 1 t up to 30 t and rope diameter 8-44 mm product details

Press-In Sensor

Pressed-in sensors work on the same way as strain transducers. They are applied in cranes, hoisting gear as well as in plant engineering and construction.