Maschinery Directive


Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG

The legislator makes high demands on the machine builder by means of the machinery directive.

tecsis can be a partner by your side who is competent to help you with any measuring equipment questions.

Machinery directive:certified components

Many tecsis components are designed to comply with the requirements and provisions of the standards. In many applications certified components are used; for the measurement of force, pressure, temperature as well as pressure switches. These also meet the strict rules of the KTA, GL, ATEX and UL. Advice for the implementation of the machinery directive We can give you comprehensive advice on the implementation of the safety requirements and which measuring components are affected.

  • Support in the risk analysis of the customer application
  • Information on the relevant rating of tecsis sensors
  • BGBerufsgenossenschaft [Employers liability Insurance Association]-approved overload systems

For this, we first investigate what safety risks there are for people in the application. We determine the performance level which must be achieved.

Certified components from the tecsis production programme

Some examples show what high standards the tecsis products meet.

  • Pressure sensors for mobile hydraulic systems with redundant pressure measurement and output signal:
  • Redundant force transducers with thin film sensor F5301: PL d as specified in DIN EN ISO 13849-1:
  • Overload protection system ECPSX including prototype testing: PL d (now being prepared)
  • Redundant sensor in connection with special electronics: Category 4, PL e

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