Load Pins


Load Pins - Custom Solutions

In stage construction, construction machinery, cranes or other large lifting equipment:

By virtue of their design, load pins from tecsis can be integrated directly in the flow of force, taking up very little space. For example, as a direct replacement of retaining bolts in fork bearings. Hence, load pins are the perfect solution for different geometries – even when upgrading existing structures. Proven thin-film technology used in the so-called bolts plays its part in this.

Custom Load Pins

Load Pin held by one of the tecsis staff members

Individual solutions for load pins

tecsis delivers individual solutions of the highest quality, manufactured in house: for extremely compact, space-saving load pins in the OEM sector as well as for heavy-duty applications.

This applies for nominal upwards of 10 kN. Load pins from tecsis are in use worldwide: even under extreme environmental conditions such as in ship's cranes.

For exceptional safety requirements, tecsis load pins are again the right solution.

  • Does the safety-relevant monitoring – of tensile forces, for example – call for a measuring system of redundant design? We make sure that the system delivers the necessary performance level.
  • Does the measuring place lie in a potentially explosive zone? With tecsis you can also choose load pins with ATEX certification.

In time, in budget, in quality

Highest quality. This begins with selection of the raw materials, such as the special stainless steels with 3.1 and 3.2 material certificates. These meet the highest requirements on tensile strength, hardness and elongation at break.An alternative are variants in high strength, fine-grained steel S960QL, with a surface protection according to the customer's wishes and field of application.

Our own calibration equipment. We make certain that every set of load pins leaves our factory in first-class condition. To carry out elaborate tests for this: Starting with the failure load test, followed by alignment for the amplifier setting, and finishing with calibration. Our calibration equipment is certified by the German national metrology institute (PTB).

Global logistics. A carefully-conceived merchandise management system and our reliable logistics partners ensure that your component arrives at its destination on time.

Talk to us about reliable force measurement with tecsis load pins!