Model F4234

up to 3 kg

Single Point Load Cell

This highly accurate single point load cell has a combined error of only 0.0067% of full scale. It is especially suitable for use in platform scales. The small size and the special aluminum alloy fits the F4234 to work  in pharmaceutical applications. 


  • For the construction of platform scales up to  200 x 200 mm
  • Typical design
  • Combined error: 0.0067% of full scale
  • Nominal loads starting at 0.3 kg
  • Made of Aluminium
  • Protection class IP 66

Measuring ranges    0.3 kg up to 3 kg


Single points are specifically designed for use in platform scales and therefore suitable for eccentric load application. Without additional design and calibration effort they can be mounted directly below decks. Basically, the load cell can be used in countless applications. This load cell combines high accuracy, simple installation with a low price. The attachment is made on the transducer side of the cable outlet of the mounting holes. Via the provided screw holes the load cells can be mounted to the platform. This series is manufactured from aluminum with a high quality plastic coating to cover the strain gauge elements. This feature makes the load cell easy to use even in harsh environments.