Load Cells

High-Capacity Load Cells

High-capacity load cells are used in weighing systems which measure the weight of heavy and median sized containers and silos.

F1270 F1270 0...7.5 t up to 0...300 t product details

Tension / Compression Force Transducer

Tension / compression force transducer are applied to measure the weight of hanging loads.

F2802 F2802 0...100 to 0... 5000 kg product details

Load Beams / Shear Beams

Load and shear beams are used to measure the weight of small and medium sized containers. Often they are also applied to measure forces.

F3301/F33C1/F33S1 F3301/F33C1/F33S1 from 2 kN up to 100 kN product details
F3833 F3833 0...20 kg to 0...500 kg product details
F3831 F3831 0...500 kg up to 0...10,000 kg product details


Accessories for Load Cells

AZK01X711 Rocker pin AZK01X711 Rocker pin for force transducer F1270 7.5 t up to 22.5 t product details
AZK01X011 Installation kit AZK01X011 Installation kit for model F1215 product details
AZK01X712 Self-Aligning Bearing AZK01X712 Self-Aligning Bearing for model F1270 product details
AZK01X713 Weigh Module AZK01X713 Weigh Module for force transducers of the models F1270 product details

Accessories for Load and Shear Beams

AZK01X720 Rubber Foot/Bowl Head AZK01X720 Rubber Foot/Bowl Head for Model F3270, F3271, F3272 product details
AZK01X721 Foot/Bowl Head AZK01X721 Foot/Bowl Head for Model F3270, F3271, F3272 product details
AZK01X722 Rubber Foot/Bowl Head AZK01X722 Rubber Foot/Bowl Head F3270, F3271 and F3272 product details
AZK01X725 Base Plate AZK01X725 Base Plate Can be used with F3270, F3271 and F3272 product details
AZK01X730 Self Aligning Bearing AZK01X730 Self Aligning Bearing Can be used with F3270, F3271 and F3272 product details
AZK01X710 Self-Aligning Bearing AZK01X710 Self-Aligning Bearing can be used with free sliding modules product details

Single Point

Platform load cells are applied in small and middle sized platform scales in weighing. Often, these sensors are center load compensated, so that even with off-center loading of larger carriers the measurement result will be correct.

F4221 F4221 0...0.3 kg up to 0...200 kg product details
F4801 F4801 3 kg up to 250 kg product details
F4802 F4802 up to 10 kg product details
F4818 F4818 up to 500 kg product details

Load cells are special force transducers which are used in weighing systems. Calibration is done in gram (g), kilogram (kg) or tons (t). Depending on the application they come in different sizes and designs. Load cells are used to build truck scales as well as laboratory balances. tecsis offers load cells in the range between 0.3 Kg up to 300 t. Load Cell Accessories help to ensure exact measuring results. We gladly help you to pick the best best mounting aid to solve your measuring task.

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