Load Cells


Load Cells for Weighing and Fill Level Monitoring

Load cells are special force transducers for use in weighing systems. Calibration is done in gram (g), kilogram (kg) or tons (t). Internal glued on strain gauges convert the elastic deformation of a load cell into a proportional electric signal. This gravimetric measurement permits accuracies from 0,01% to 0,05% of F.S..

Characteristic load cell geometries are Compression Load Cells, Rocker-type Column Load Cells, S-type Load Cells, Bending and Shear Beam Load Cells, Single Point Load Cells. Classical applications are gravimetric fill level monitoring for containers and silos as well as single point weighing and weighing in process and metering facilities.

Gravimetric fill level monitoring terms fill level controlling by permanent measurement of container weight including content. Fill level will be determined by evaluation of measurement data.

Benefits are:

  • Simultaneous fill level and exact quantity measurement
  • Contactless measurement
  • Measurement independant of container geometries and material properties
  • Easy maintenance and replacement

Gravimetric fill level monitoring is demanded in high temperature and robust applications which afford long term usage. For example iron and steel industry.

There is no comparative technology which provides higher plant availability linked with low operating costs.

As a leading manufacturer of measurement and sensor technology tecsis provides a comprehensive range of high-class load cells, specific components, ready to install assembled components and complete small systems.

Corresponding evaluation electronics complete our comprehensive portfolio. Professional support is guaranteed through high-standard products, highly accurate and comfortable evaluation electronics to applicable control systems.

Two load cells


  • Gravimetric measurement of containers and silos
  • Classic scale construction
  • Platform weighing
  • Weighing in process plants
  • Weighing in batchers
  • Crane weighing scales
  • Truck weighing scales


  • Building material industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Medical industry