Model F3272

Shear Beam with High Accuracy, from 227 kg up to 4536 kg

Shear Beam

This typical load cell in shear beam design is constructed to have a high accuracy of 0,04% (optionally 0,02%) of the Full Scale. The Model F3272 series can be used to measure static compression or tension forces. It is available for nominal loads in the range of 227 to 4536 kg.


  • Designed for the weighing of loads
  • Also for tension or compression force measurements
  • Typical shear beam design
  • Accuracy of 0,04% full scale, optional 0,02% full scale
  • Capacities starting from 227 kg 
  • Force applied through a blind hole or through bore-hole
  • Protection class IP 68 / IP 69k
Measuring Ranges

0...227 kg up to 0...4536 kg


Those force transducers are used in numerous application with the need for high accuracy. The high accuracy allows to use the model F3272 series in weighing technology. The force transducers can also be used to measure static compression or tension forces. The bending beam is is mounted by using the two fastening bores on the cable side.The force is applied at the opposite side, vertically to the axis of load cell via through-hole or blind-hole. Because of the stainless steel construction and high protection class IP68/IP69k, they suit for the use in tough environments. The special calibration technique (mV/V/Ohm) allows to pass on corner balancing when using several load cells.