Load Beams / Shear Beams


Load and shear beams are used to measure compression forces. For application with limited space or to measure small forces they are available in miniature design.

F3223 F3223 from 0.25 N up to 50 N product details


Load and shear beams are used to measure the weight of small and medium sized containers. Often they are also applied to measure forces.

F3301/F33C1/F33S1 F3301/F33C1/F33S1 from 2 kN up to 100 kN product details
F3833 F3833 from 20 kg up to 500 kg product details
F3270 F3270 from 91 kg to 2268 kg product details
F3271 F3271 from 510 kg up to 10197 kg product details
F3272 F3272 from 227 kg up to 4536 kg product details
F3831 F3831 from 500 kg up to 10000 kg product details