Hydraulic Force Transducer


Hydraulic Force Transducers

Hydraulic force transducers from tecsis are impressive due to their reliability and wide range of applications: for example, in mechanical engineering, mobile machinery, lifting gear, geo-technology, process engineering, power generation and agricultural engineering.

Technical profile of hydraulic force transducers

A force transducer according to the hydraulic principle uses a piston/diaphragm combination as the recording unit.

Alternatively, pressure gauges, pressure measurement converters or pressure measuring devices with contact equipment are directly or indirectly connected to the transducer for displaying the force.

Among other things, tecsis supplies:

  • hydraulic compression force transducers: These also include transducers with small dimensions and products for clamping force measurement and filling level measurement.
  • hydraulic ring force transducers: These force transducers are used when a shaft needs to be guided through the measuring body. They measure axial force at shafts and spindles to which a normal force transducer cannot be attached.
  • Ring force transducers are available as a compact version or a heavy duty version for force of 4 kN to 2,500 kN.

Accessories for hydraulic force transducers: from spacer washer to assembly flange, protective cap, stainless steel capillary tube and elbow union.

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