Screw-in Thermowells

Screw-in thermowells are available in several thread-sizes. The thermowells are bolt into the process. For low pressure there are modular thermowells available, for high pressure applications we offer thermowells made of one piece. Thermometer are either plugged or bolt into the thermowell. They get either fixed by a retaining screw or a compression fitting.

TW98K/TW99K TW98K/TW99K Process connection G1/2 product details
TW968 / TW988 / TW998 / TW969 / TW999 TW968 / TW988 / TW998 / TW969 / TW999 with locking screw product details
TW991 / TW994 TW991 / TW994 acc. to DIN 43772 product details
TW992 / TW995 TW992 / TW995 solid drilled product details
TW99i TW99i international standard product details

Welding-in Thermowell

Weld-in thermowells are applied in processes win which high pressure and temperature occurs. The thermowell gets weld into the process. The thermowells are available in a wide range of construction material.

TW997 TW997 acc. to DIN 43772 form 4 product details

Thermowell with Flange

Those thermowells are connected with a flange. There are several versions according to DIN or ASME available. Of course tecsis will also create custom solutions for you.

TW99F TW99F M24x1.5 running nut product details