Model S4250

Precise Changeover Contact with Adjustable Hysteresis up to 400 bar

pressure switch with changeover contact

Reliable and precise mechanical pressure switch with changeover contact and adjustable hysteresis up to 400 bar


  • Adjustable hysteresis
  • L - plug DIN EN 175301-803 Style (IP65)
  • Change - over contact
  • Many thread variants
  • RoHS conform
Adjustment range:

0.2 ... 400 bar


Mechanical pressure switch with a membrane or piston sensing element and one switched output with changeover contact and adjustable hysteresis for converting pneumatic and hydraulic pressures into an electrical switching signal.

An adjustment screw allows setpoints to be easily adjusted, even in situ. The setpoint may optionally be factory preadjusted. The series S4250 switches also have an adjustable hysteresis, which makes them attractive for a great variety of applications.

This tecsis switch is suitable for media such as compressed air, non - aggressive liquids or self - lubricating fluids, other media on request. It is available as standard with a ¼" thread galvanized steel process connection.

Other threads and materials, for example stainless steel, are optionally available. The switch can be installed in any desired mounting position.