Test Technology

Pressure Sensors

This high end pressure sensors are available as absolute measuring sensors (up to 16 bar) or relative measuring sensors (up to 1000 bar). For special needs a front flush version could be choosen up to a pressure of 600bar relative. The accuracy is 0.1% - 0.05% are available as an option.

P3291 P3291 -1 to 1000 bar product details
P3290 P3290 -1 to 1000 bar product details

Digital Pressure Gauges with Display

tecsis offers a big variety of different pressure sensors with a digital display. The easiest form a digital pressure gauge. There are also different combinations of pressure sensors with digital indicators available. With an optional linearization it is possible to improve the measuring accuracy of the sensor significantly.

E3905/E3394 E3905/E3394 positive 0 ... 0.1 to 0 ... 1000 bar / negative -1 ... 0 to -0.1 ... 0 bar product details
E3922 E3922 several -1 ... 0 ... 25 mbar up to 0 ... 1300 mbar abs. product details
P1900 P1900 Several for overpressure, absolut pressure and difference pressure product details
P3961 /P3962 P3961 /P3962 0 ... 2 bar to 0 ... 700 bar product details

Pneumatically and Hydraulically Pressure Generation

Test pumps are used for easy pressure generation for measurement, test or calibration purposes. In combination with a reference pressure measuring system this pumps can be used for testing, calibrating or adjusting pressure gauges, sensors or pressure switches.

C1351 C1351 -0.95 bar to 35 bar product details
C1360/C1361/C1363 C1360/C1361/C1363 from 0 ... 250 bar up to 0 ... 6000 bar product details

Pressure balance

Dead weight tester are so called primary standards, which means that the instrument itself generates he pressure. This is archieved by putting exact masses on a piston with a known area and putting all this in equilibrium with the integrated pressure pump. In this way, the masses on the piston generate a very precise pressure.

C1350/C1351 C1350/C1351 up to 100 bar pneumatically or 5000 bar hydraulically product details

Precision Pressure Gauges

Precision pressure gauges are manufactured with utmost precision and are used for accurate pressure measurement in the development and in the laboratory or for testing and calibration of pressure gauges.

P1870 P1870 0 ... 0.6 bar up to 0 ... 600 bar product details
P1875/P1877 P1875/P1877 0 ... 0.6 bar up to 0 ... 1600 bar product details
P1880 P1880 0 ... 0.6 bar up to 0 ... 1600 bar product details
P1883 P1883 0 ... 0.6 bar to 0 ... 1600 bar product details
P1050_P1054 P1050_P1054 Accuracy class 0,25 and 0,1 acc. to EN 837-1 product details
P1881 P1881 Accuracy class 0.25% ASME B40 product details

Test cases for pneumatics and hydraulics

Test Cases are used to keep the measuring equipment in a safe and protected place. The test cases will be assembled individually and may contain not only the reference instruments but also the pressure generation.

C1351/C1360/C1361 C1351/C1360/C1361 various specs product details