Model P3450

Hammer Union

Hammer Union Druck Sensor

The Hammer Union pressure sensor is fixed by a so-called hammer or Wing Union directly in the process. The sensor is particularly used in the petrochemical industry as well as in the petroleum and natural gas production.

Robust and long-term stability during operation are the strengths of this pressure sensor for harsh environments. The used materials and technology make these sensors insensitive to chemically aggressive media and mechanical stress.

The wetted parts of these pressure gauges are made of Inconel X-750. All metallic compounds are welded so that the sensor is protected. The electrical connection by Bendix PTIH-10-6P plugs also illustrate the robustness of the structure. The devices are fixed in the process by a so-called Wing Union or Hammer Union. The pressure sensors correspond to the electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) according to EN 61326.


  • Wetted parts made of Inconel X-750
  • For high shock and vibration loads
  • High temperature range
  • High accuracy (0,25% F.S.)
  • CSA Approval

Measuring range:

  • 0 …   5000psi
  • 0 … 10000psi
  • 0 … 15000psi
  • 0 … 20000psi
  • others on request


  • Offshore industry
  • Blowout preventers (BOP)
  • Cementing of wells
  • Natural gas production