Kraftsensoren in der Fertigung


Force sensors – tailor-made solutions

Force sensors – tailor-made solutions

Are you looking for the right force sensor for a particular construction-related application? Here at tecsis, you will find what you are looking for – and if it is not included in our existing portfolio, we will develop it together with you.

Our experienced engineers and technicians look closely into the methods, applications and processes of our customers. Whether your company is a large corporation or a medium-sized enterprise, thanks to our development expertise, we will always find the ideal solution for your applications, based on our uniquely extensive product portfolio of force sensors.

From force sensor to tailor-made solution

You want to save time, but you are also looking for investment security and reliability:

  • whether it is in cranes, hoisting equipment, mobile machinery, geotechnics or stage machinery,
  • whether you specialise in mechanical engineering, medical engineering, robotics or other applications in which force sensors are used

A tecsis force sensor can make a crucial contribution. This is the case especially when there is a particular focus on constructive aspects and customer-specific applications.

  • Which force sensor is best suited to your needs?
  • Which components offer the best combination of measurement accuracy, safety and efficiency?
  • How can you save on space and weight and thereby save costs for your new and modernisation projects?

At tecsis, we have the right answers to all these questions.

There are two ways to realising the ideal force transduction solution:

1. Do we have the right force sensor to suit your requirements?
A solution that is based on fundamentals: this is possible in many cases with a tecsis force sensor that has been tried and tested in practice.

  • Universal ports allow for cost-efficient force sensor versions.
  • Modified components, installation-ready packages or small modular systems.

The benefits for you:

Less variance, more streamlined procurement, production, assembly and maintenance.

2. Developing a tailor-made solution
In cases where there are special constructive requirements, we develop tailor-made solutions. The solutions we develop range from force sensors as additive components to modules within which the ideal force measurement solution is integrated.

  • Rapid realisation of solutions through the use of analysis tools such as FEM.
  • Our highly flexible production lines are also suitable for prototypes and low-volume production of force sensors.
  • Force sensors undergo extensive quality control¬ and stress testing before practical application.

The benefits for you:

  • The highest quality of force measurement –production and testing carried out under the same roof

tecsis engineering: the competitive edge in innovation

Simultaneous engineering is common practice at tecsis when it comes to the development of tailor-made force measurement solutions. We can offer you more freedom in the planning, construction and production of your products.

At the same time, tecsis offers faster access to sophisticated product data, test patterns and standard products. In the race for the best “Time to Market”, these advantages will certainly give you a head start.

We use the Finite Element Method (FEM) to ensure the ideal geometry for our force transducers and sensors and the perfect positioning of the measuring element At tecsis, this method also includes variant comparison and the simulation of extreme cases. This makes it possible for the measurement behaviour, precision and signal consistency of our products to reach and exceed the targets on the specification sheet even during testing of the first prototypes.

Thus, with the aid of ongoing consultation with the designers we employ, we realise solutions that are available at a measurable time advantage without making technical or economic compromises.

Towards a tailor-made solution with a tecsis force sensor

  • Practical example from the paper industry: web tension measuring with the aid of measuring bearing pins with bearing shield and flange. The force sensors are integrated on both sides of the sheave in the special bearings.
  • Practical example from the fire fighting industry: recording unit for special profile of ladder structure. Overloads are detected by the integrated force sensors with the aid of two special bearings, which are constructed as a counterpart to the geometry of the ladder profile.

Learn more about special geometries with a tecsis force sensor: We will be pleased to advise you.

With tecsis force sensors, you are opting for quality, experience and competence – and tailor-made solutions!