Model E3907

Portable Display and Data Recorder

portable measuring instrument

The portable measuring instrument E3907 with data logger function and 4,5 digit display is connectable to sensors with mV/V output signal. Because of the power supply by (recharchable) batteries and the compact design the instrument suits the needs of mobile measurement services.


  • Portable measurement instrument with data logger function
  • 4½ digit measurement valueand 3 digit measurement unit LCD- display
  • Suitable to ±3,3mV/V-, 0/4...20 mA- and 0...10 V- signals
  • Measuring rate 1,000 measurements/sec.
  • Parameters of up to 10 sensors storagable
  • Data logger for 15.000 measurement values
  • Serial RS-232 and USB interface
  • Simple handling by 4-keys with tare function
  • Trigger input
  • Min-/Max-value memory
  • Accuracy 0,1% of the fullscale ± 1 digit
  • PC-software with graphic user interface
  • Runs with external power supply as well as with (rechargeable) batteries
  • Protection class IP 40


In combination with force transducers and load cells the portable measuring instrument E3907 is used in mobile test devices for load or weight tests or for calibration. The high measuring rate allows to analyze even very fast processes. Its possible to analyze passive sensors with an output signal of up to ±3,3 mV/V and active sensors with an output of 0/4...20 mA 2-/3-wire or 0...10V. Adjusting or changing adjustment of for example zero point, span, decimal point, measuring unit and scale are done with 4 keys and the help of a menu. The integrated sensor parameter memory allows the instrument to manage up to 10 sensors. In use this leads that service techicans can move quickly from one sensor to the next as they only need to plug in the sensor and to choose the saved parameters. The integrated data logger allows to record series of measurements, which can be transfered to a computer for an analysis. The recording starts either manuel, time-controlled or by an external starting signal. On battery power energy saving modes allow up to 30 hours of running time. The optional available rechargeable battery is charged by the built-in jack.