Model EZE20X005

Digital Strain Gauge Measurement Amplifier (5 Hz)

Digital Amplifier

Digital amplifiers are used to adjust the mV/V-output signal of strain gauges to a connected control. The serial RS-422/485 interface allows digital and direct signal processing in programmable logic controllers (PLC) and to run up to 32 amplifiers in one bus. The model EZE20X005 series is designed for nearly static applications for example weighing. It is cased in a compact housing. The integrated connector strip allows to plug the housing for example onto a circuit bar. It is also available with an adapter for top hat rail mounting or an adapter for top hat rail mounting with integrated converter to RS-232.


  • Digital Amplifier for strain gauges to be mounted on PCB or top hat rails
  • Digital outputsignal via RS-422/RS-485 or optional RS-232
  • Limit frequency up to 5 Hz for nearly static applications
  • Accuracy 0,005 of full scale
  • Strain gauges starting with 350 Ohm connectable
  • Supports 6-wire technology
  • Bridge supply 5 VDC
  • Needed power supply 12-24 VDC
  • Pluggable via integrated connector strip
  • Space-saving design because of slender housing
  • Easy configuration by ASCII-commands
  • Protection Class IP 40


Because of its high accuracy the amplifier EZE20X005 suits as well for weighing as for static force measurement and monitoring. It is possible to connect all kinds of strain gauges (max 1 sensor, 350 ohm) with an output signal up to ± 2,2 mV/V. The internal sensor supply is 5 VDC. Usually the amplifier is not pre-adjusted and the customer connects it to the force transducer and also adjusts it. The amplifier can be programmed by ASCII-codes. Using a communication or a terminal programm allows to connect the amplifier via the serial RS-485 interface to a computer to set its parameters. A software with oscilloscope function which runs under windows is also available. The integrated connection strip allows to plug or to braze the amplifier onto a circuit board. An adapterboard with screw-type-terminals for top hat rail mounting according to DIN EN 50022 is available. On this way the amplifier can be integrated in electric control cabinets. The adapterboard is also available with integrated RS-232 converter.  The many possiblities to adjust filters allow to damp interfering signals.