Control Systems

Control systems allow to influence systems systematically. tecsis offers a wide range of controls for cranes and hoisting devices.

ELMS1 ELMS1 Intelligent safety electronic product details

Limit Switch Electronics

Amplifier with at least one 1-bit output. The device switches to one or more initial states depending on the input-value. Those can have characteristic states of relays, open-collector outputs or acitve/inactive bits on digital bussystems.

EGS08 EGS08 For sensors with 4...20mA output 2-/3-wire product details
EGS80 EGS80 Digital , Accuracy 0,2 % product details

Digital Displays

Present measured values on N-digit LED- or LCD-displays. As the display is digital the values are discrete.

E1930 E1930 with Microprocessor (mV/V) product details
E1931 E1931 with Microprocessor (1-channel) product details
E1931X402 E1931X402 for mA- or V- Signals (2-channel) product details
E1930X800 E1930X800 large, digital (mV/V) product details
E1931X800 E1931X800 digital big, for mA- or V-Signals product details
E1932 E1932 Weighing Indicator product details

Portable Measuring Instrument

Those measurement devices are desgined to be held in the hand while being in use. Most of them have a stand-alone energy supply for example (rechargeable) batteries.

E3906 E3906 for strain gauges up to 3,5 mV/V product details
E3907 E3907 Suitable to ±3,3mV/V-, 0/4...20 mA- and 0...10 V- signals product details
EPE01 EPE01 to set up and calibrate tecsis force transducers product details
E3908 E3908 Accuracy 0.05% of final value product details

Analogue Amplifiers

Amplifier with analog output signal (for example 4-20mA, 0V-10V)

EZE09X001 EZE09X001 Output signals 0/4...20mA or 0...±10 V or 0...±5 V (3-Wire) product details
EZE15 EZE15 Output signals: 0/4...20mA or 0...±10 V or 0...±5 V (3-Wire) product details
EZE15X002 EZE15X002 Limit frequency up to 1kHz (-3db) product details
EZE10X005 EZE10X005 Limit frequency up to 3.3 kHz (-3db) product details
EZE10X006 EZE10X006 Limit frequency up to 33 kHz product details
EZE11 EZE11 Limit frequency up to 33 kHz product details

Digital Amplifiers

Amplifier with digital output (for example RS485, CAN, CANopen). The values of the output signal are discrete.

EZE20X005 EZE20X005 Limit frequency up to 5 Hz for nearly static applications product details
EZE20X006 EZE20X006 Limit frequency up to 20 Hz product details
EZE30 EZE30 Digital output signal via serial RS-422/RS-485 interface product details
EZE21 EZE21 Measuring rate max. 5000 Mess./s product details
EZE22 EZE22 2-Channel, USB product details