Model F1226

Ultra compact

Compression Force Transducer


The ultra compact force transducer F1226 is made of stainless steel. Its diameter depends on the nominal load. The smallest version has a nominal load of 0…0.25 kN bis 0... 10 kN kN and a diameter of 31.8 mm while the biggest version has a nominal load of 0…140 bis 0... 225 kN and a diameter of 76.2 mm. 


  • For compression forces
  • Accuracy 0.25% F.S.
  • Compact and small dimensions
  • Optionally with signal jump
Measuring ranges

0…0.25 kN bis 0…255 kN


Due to its small dimensions the sensor can be applied in a wide range of applications. For example in plant engineering, machine tool construction and measurement and inspection equipment. The high accuracy of 0.25% also allows the use of the compression force sensor in precision engineering.

Signal jump (option)

Safety electronics have been developed especially for theatre and stage applications. With a signal jump, a function test is carried out in an interval of 24 hours in order to monitor the safe function of the force transducer.