Model F1222

For small ranges starting at 0,5 N

Compression Force Transducer

Miniature force transducers are especially designed to have small dimensions. Because of their compactness, these force transducers can be used in a wide range of industrial and laboratory applications.

They are designed for the measurement of compression forces in the range between 0.5 N and 5 kN.


  • For compression measurements
  • Ease of force introduction
  • Compact and small dimensions
  • Very low installation height
  • Relative linearity error 1 % Fnom
Measuring ranges

0.5 N ... 5,000 N


The field of application of this force transducer lies in innumerable applications where simple installation is a very important factor for example in packaging machinery or test benches. The force transducer is easy to use due to the simple way force is applied. The force is applied vertically to the load cell axis at the ball-shaped scraper.