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Force Transducer for Maximum Safety

Protecting lives, safeguarding valuable systems: tecsis provides you with force transducers that are also approved in ATEX zones and are allowed to be used there. Systems and components from tecsis are therefore used all over the world: everywhere where maximum safety is required.

Thanks to our approvals, we can provide gap-free chains of evidence: from materials to manufacturing, testing and documentation.

Example: tecsis force transducers with ATEX approval

The force measuring devices are approved in accordance with directive 94/9/EC: in device group I (mining) for device category M2 and in device group II (non-mining) and device category 2G for zones 1 and 2 (gasses). Other zones possible on request.

The convincing product advantages:

  • Thin-film technology for good temperature behaviour and outstanding long-term stability.
  • Amplified output signal due to integrated amplifier electronics.
  • All force transducers are "Made in Germany".

Example: Signal jump for platforms

Overload detection and load displays on machinery above and below the stage in theatres: a performance test is repeated every 24 hours to monitor the safe working of the force transducer.
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