Self-Aligning Bearing for Model AZK01X710

Rubber Foot/Bowl Head


Weighing module with lift-off protection (2 side stop)

The load cell supports are designed to enable excellent load introduction. The slide bearing type system is specialized for applications with load beams and shear beams such as hoppers, tanks and mixer weighing. It combines excellent load introduction and low profile design with a favourable price/performance ratio for the basic system.

The system is available in 2 versions:

  • 2-directional bumper module for standard applications
  • 3-directional bumper module for special applications

Both versions can be used with free sliding modules. Available options and accessories such as ground plate, lift off protection, upper welding plate and welding gauge make the module extremely versatile and ensure a very easy installation and safe operation under rugged conditions.

Standard material: steel, zinc plated, alternatively: stainless steel.