The mounting of load cells in an application requires high diligence if the force measuring system has to be accurate and precise.

The performance of a force transducer depends on ist repeatability of deformation on full load and zero load. To get the maximum of accuracy the force introduction and mounting kits were designed.

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Swivel Head with Male Thread

Swivel Head

For the models: 

  • F2210
  • F2211
  • F2270
  • F2218
  • Size 6-60 

Swivel Head with Female Thread

Three Swivel Heads with Female Thread

for the models:

  • F2301
  • size 12-80

Earth Cable

Earth Cable
  • General use for mounting kits and load cells
  • To prevent a possible damage of the force transducerbecause of welding currents
  • To get the best results connect the upper and lower plate
  • The wires are 50 mm² and should be mounted before or immediately after installing the load cells
  • These cables are made out of highly flexible E-Cu-flatwire, the ends are pressed on soldering free contact pins
  • In the package you’ll find 2 mounting screws M10
  • Available length: 0,4 m; 0,6 m; 0,8 m;

Compression Piece and Mounting Flange

Blue prints of Compression pieces

Compression piece and mounting flange for model F1211

  • F1211
  • F1211 with flange
  • F2210
  • F6213