Certified safety for crane systems

The safety of the personnel plays an important part in any situation where heavy loads are being moved or lifted. The machinery directive is clear about the requirements that must be fulfilled by the control technology as overload protection in cranes or other applications. 

The new ELMS1 overload protection can be incorporated in existing systems for cranes that are not at risk of tipping over. tecsis takes care of the engineering and the safety examination of the overload recording. The system, which consists of sensors, a safety controller and software, has been certified in collaboration with the BGHM (trade association wood and metal).

DGUV Test EC Type-Examination Certificate

The advantages are obvious: No additional software development and separate safety examination of the measuring chain is required, you get a complete system from a single source (no compatibility problem).

Reliably preventing overloads

Overloads can occur in many different applications. The examples show a selection of different usage positions and force introductions. Different force transducers that are constructed in specific versions depending on customer requirements can be used.

The complete solution consisting of a central unit, software and force transducers is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13849 and DIN EN 62061 with PL d/SIL 2. Expensive individual certifications after the initial installation of a crane system are therefore no longer needed.

The intelligence of the system is in the ELMS1 central module. The signals of the force transducers are read in via the integrated analogue inputs and provide comprehensive monitoring of the load situation. During the commissioning of the crane system, the system makes it possible for the force transducers to be calibrated automatically. 

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  • In accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 with PLd / Cat.3 and DIN EN 62061 with SIL2
  • Compliant with the EC machinery directive
  • Overall certification of hardware and software
  • Automatic calibration of total load of up to four redundantly designed force transducers
  • Slack rope detection
  • Recording and output of system, device and application errors via (CANopen® or Profibus module)