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Research and Technology

Applications in research and development, whether in laboratory applications, test benches or in the development area often have complicated design and customer specific requirements.

For example, where is the best place to put the transducer in the force flow? How can the measuring equipment be arranged so that it is especially space saving?

Force transducers for research and development

tecsis works very closely with many manufacturers in order to find answers to questions such as these. This extensive experience and development ability is used to provide individual solutions.

Example : compact measurement solutions

Very space-efficient measuring solutions can be achieved with the innovative tecsis thin film technology in the research and development area.

The thin film sensors are placed directly in the force flow of the transducer in the same way as strain gauges. Thus the force that is proportional to the tension, compression or shear stress can be registered.

  • In the strain measurement even the elements for the compensation of the temperature relationship from the zero point and sensitivity to the sensor are produced.
  •  A redundant sensor developed by tecsis opens up a lot of possible applications. It accommodates two complete bridges on only 7 mm diameter.

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