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Packaging Machinery

The challenge: highest quality and hygiene

Whether the food industry or the pharmaceuticals sector:

Product packaging contributes significantly to ensuring that the consumer gets a quality product. This quality is checked at many points in the packaging process.

  • Faultless hygiene is what counts in the packaging of foodstuffs and medicines: in the force measuring technology too.
  • In other applications such as quality control, exact and reliable values in force measurement are indispensable.
  • A high degree of protection is very important especially in the foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals sectors. The components must be able to be cleaned well and withstand great variations in temperature.

This imposes diverse and challenging requirements on force measurement:

  • Different geometries
  • High fatigue limit with many load alternations
  • Reliability at high temperatures
  • Different variants of pressure transducer
  • Acquisition of low forces and miniaturisation

How can these requirements be fulfilled efficiently and reliably?

Solution: innovative force measuring technology from tecsis Force transducers from tecsis fulfil the hygiene standards of the foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals industries. High frequency measurements with great accuracy can be achieved effortlessly – up to 5,000 measurements per second are possible. At the same time the force transducers fulfil the different conditions in the packaging processes: 

  • Compact miniature force transducers for smallest installation spaces
  • High endurance force transducers for high-frequency measurements
  • High-temperature-resistant force transducers

Superior thanks to leading technology

Force transducers from tecsis for applications in the packaging industry win over by virtue of their technical advantages:

  • Measuring ranges starting at 0.25 N
  • Accuracy of 0.05 to 1%
  • Measuring frequency up to 5 kHz- overload safeguard
  • Various measuring amplifiers
  • Temperature ranges from -40 ... +200ºC–Output signals 4 ... 20 mA, 0 ... 10 V, mV/V
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Various electrical connectors
  • Protection class to IP68

Compact design

By virtue of their compact design, the F1222 and F1224 series are only 3 mm to 7 mm high and therefore ideal for integration in applications where very little space is available. With the F1224 series force transducers, larger forces upwards of 1 kN can be measured. The F2221 and F2222 series are also able to measure tensile and compressive forces.

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