Components of high-performance compressed air and blower equipment need to work reliably and energy efficient – even under tough conditions. For compressors, tecsis has developed metrological products able to endure even extreme conditions, temperature variations and high load cycles.

tecsis products are optimally suited to many application fields of compressed air and blower systems.

For example:

  • Pressure sensors for compressors: for compressed air generation tecsis has developed compact forms of construction that can be fitted with a saving on weight and space. The series P3304 pressure sensors, for example, combine long-term stability, proven splash-water protection, corrosion resistance, vibration resistance and bond strength. For measuring ranges from -1/0...6 bar to -1/0...60 bar.
  • Switching solutions for compressors: The series S4150/S4250 mechanical pressure switches from tecsis can be installed without difficulty in any desired mounting spot. Thanks to the adjusting screw, you are able to easily set the switching and reset points in situ. The chosen setting remains stable for years. For adjustment ranges 0.2...2.5 bar to 50...400 bar.
  • Temperature measuring technology for compressors: The TEC11 series combines low mass with a special form of construction – this makes it highly resistant to vibration, shock and pressure. Gold-plated contacts guarantee measured values you can rely on. The temperature sensor can be quickly put into service with standard plugs. The system has IP66/IP67 protection class in its plugged-in state.
  • Pressure gauges for compressors: The P1454 series pressure gauges from tecsis display the relevant values reliably even when subject to vibration. The system technology is integrated in a robust housing. The glycerine filling increases the lifespan in highly dynamic environments. In addition, values can be read out even under vibration or pulsation conditions. The moving parts are gently lubricated at the same time. For measuring ranges of 0...1 bar to 0...1,000 bar.

Very often you will find the appropriate component in the extensive tecsis standard range. For customer-specific requirements, our engineers and technicians will help you find the optimal solution tailored to your needs. 

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