tecsis in the European program Horizon 2020

tecsis in the European Program Horizon 2020

Within the European Joint Technolgy Initiative Clean Sky 2, part of the European framework Programme for research Horizon 2020, tecsis has successfully won the call for proposal for designing, manufacturing and testing a load sensor for further integration in a civil aircraft.

Clean Sky 2 represents the largest European Programme aiming at reducing CO2 and NOX emissions and noise levels produced by aircraft. With this objective tecsis contributes with its technologies and competences to the maturation of the More- and All-electric aircraft architecture and to the reduction of aeronautics environmental footprint.

tecsis force transducer for aeronautics

Load sensor design, manufacturing and testing is being realised considering as possible applications primary and secondary flight control and landing gear. All this considering aeronautics requirements like RTCA DO 254 and RTCA DO160 and specific application-related requisites.

tecsis will be responsible for the complete device by designing, manufacturing and validating the electronics, all mechanical parts and the integration thereof. Further, all interfaces for on-board installation will be considered and agreed with Liebherr Aerospace as the aeronautics OEM project partner.

Building on current competences tecsis activities will be devoted to the maturation of this product: At the end tecsis will be able to deliver to the project partner a load sensor with a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 6.