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Stage Machinery

Moving stage components such as elevator podiums, rotating stages or lighting equipment represent a basic danger to people who are in the immediate proximity thereof. Appropriate precautions must be taken to ensure that they are safe.

  • This is taken care of by force transducers from tecsis, which are installed to record loads and detect overloading and slack ropes in the overstage and understage machinery.
  • You can choose from all of the most important technologies: hydraulic force measurement, strain gauge strips and thin-film technology.

Maximum safety with force transducers by tecsis

Safety device

Choose from a wide range of force transducer geometries and models for upper and lower machinery: equipped with tried-and-tested tecsis thin-film technology – or alternatively, transducers with strain gauges or hydraulic type transducers. Our force transducers comply with the DIN 56950-1 standard for stage equipment.




  • The tension/compression force transducer with swivel head (F23C1 series) and the shear beams (F33C1 series) are ideal for use as torque supports in rigging and mandrels.
  • Load pins (F53C1) in sheaves are also highly suitable for retrofitting.

tecsis does not just make stage equipment safe by using suitable technology. The experience that we put into your projects is just as important. This is particularly evident in:

  • Costing reliability for engineering offices, construction companies and system manufacturers: Attractive, clearly defined and communicated conditions make it possible to provide our customers with precise quotations before projects are awarded.
  • Planning reliability by means of individual solutions: The existing infrastructure can be quickly equipped with our force measuring equipment at low cost.
  • Scheduling reliability: tecsis delivers bang on time in accordance with your project schedule, because punctuality is top priority at tecsis.

As far as the safety of loads is concerned, tecsis is your reliable partner for new builds and conversions of your stage equipment.

Contact us to learn more about our products for force measurement in stage machinery. Our product managers will help you with their expertise to find the perfect solution for your need.

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