Chain Hoist Testing

How can the friction clutch on chain hoists be tested reliably?

tecsis has developed a force transducer for these applications in load ranges from 40 to 3,500 kg. The KPS35 allows you to carry out the test easily and reliably.

Chain hoist test set KPS35 from tecsis

The set consists of a force transducer with a handle and a display unit.

  • The force transducer is hooked into the chain. It travels upwards with this against the base of the chain hoist. In doing so it blocks the chain.
  • On the display unit you can read off the force level at which the friction clutch responds.
  • The display unit is battery driven. It evaluates the signals delivered and displays the result on a large display. The chain hoist test set is intended for measurements in the load range from 40 kg to 3,500 kg. The degree of accuracy is better than 1 kg: Two chain adapter and three centring sleeves make sure of this.

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