Hoisting Technology

Knowing what forces are present at all times

- and therefore reliably preventing overloading. Maximum functional safety and reliability are vital in lifting gear.

Particularly with regard to the functional safety of the systems, minimum downtimes and keeping the cost of servicing and maintenance as low as possible.

Maximum functional safety and reliability are vital, especially in lifting gear.

Harbour logistics technology

The leading providers of harbour logistics technology put their faith in tecsis force transducers. Because this is where technical know-how and on-site advice are particularly important.

  • Our force transducers are ideal for load recording in guide pulleys and fork and rolling bearings, for example.
  • They can be integrated directly in existing structures as a replacement for retaining bolts.
  • The complete product range from tecsis includes all of the relevant measuring components for crane technology applications: from electronics and displays, load pins, tension/compression force transducers and ring force transducers to clamp-on sensors, inclination sensors, tilt sensors and hoist limit switches.

tecsis complete solutions are used as overload electronics and can be calibrated with up to 16 limits.

As soon as the limits are reached, the appropriate relays in the control system can be activated.

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Stage machinery

tecsis force transducers look after safety on the big stages of the world They are installed to measure the load and the overload and slack rope recognition in the upper or lower machinery. In this connection we work closely with the firms that carry out the work, engineering offices and equipment manufacturers.

In our portfolio you will find suitable components - even for the demanding dividing geometry.

Or our experienced engineers and technicians will develop the optimum solution together with you.

"On time, in quality, and within budget"

  • On schedule and fast: Thanks to the complete production process being in one place and analysis tools such as FEM we can deliver efficient logistics exactly in accordance with your project schedule.
  • Reliable quality: All important technologies including innovative thin film sensors, manufacturing and testing under one roof. Comprehensive quality and loading tests before use in practice.
  • Reliable cost estimates: Because we have the world's largest selection of proven standard products from one manufacturer we can provide low cost prototype manufacture in large production runs on highly flexible manufacturing lines.

For this it is possible to choose from all the important technologies: hydraulic force measurement, strain gauges and thin film technology.

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Storage and retrieval vehicle

Shelf operating instruments, reliable load indication and overload recognition - that is what matters with shelf operating instruments.

  • tecsis load pins and limit switches have been proved in these applications.
  • Load pins are placed directly in deflection pulleys or as torque brackets immediately in drives.

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Overhead cranes and bridge cranes

The production logistics must operate reliably, in order to protect people and to reduce downtime and maintenance costs: Exactly for this reason we have developed a whole series of overload electronics.

  • Our innovative load monitoring systems are specially designed for installation on overhead cranes and bridge cranes.
  • The systems are, for example, installed in steel works, container terminals and on ships.

Deep drills

For the very special requirements of deep boring engineering a high degree of know-how and a reliable drill unit are necessary.

Incredibly powerful deep drilling machines reach down to great depths in the earth's surface. This deep drilling machinery is extremely expensive. This make it even more essential to choose the right measuring components.

tecsis shows its innovative capability in this field as well. Our specialists bring new procedures to these problems which guarantee low costs when fitting and reliability in the measured results.

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