Slope Stabilisation


Slope Stabilisation

Reliable localization of tensions, which could cause slipping, is one of the main tasks of slope stabilisation, slope nailing and creating of avalanche barriers. Force measurement technology by tecsis helps to master those tasks, even in rough environments. As tecsis is a manufacturer and proficient in handling all important technologies, so you can rely on our excellent price – performance ratio. Depending on the application we either choose hydraulic or electric force measuring

Reliable measurement of applied forces

In co-operation with you our experienced engineers and technicians will find the best solution. This solution depends on the applied forces. For example forces between 200 kN up to 650 kN are applied to soil anchors. Forces applied to rock anchors normally range between 300 kN and 1.500 kN and in specific applications the anchor force can reach 5.000 kN.

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