Agricultural Engineering

Precision measuring technology in agriculture

Monitoring pressing force, determining bale weights, measuring flow rates, metering fodder:

Precision and automation are playing an increasingly important part in tillage, seeding and harvesting – in tractors and also in other agricultural machinery.

As far as this is concerned, well-known manufacturers put their faith in tecsis technology.

This is why powerful and robust sensors and weighing technology for agricultural applications are a part of our core business.

On the safe side with tecsis - your advantages

  • Engineering and support in Germany
  • Modifications and adaptations can be made to the application
  • Quality management certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001

tecsis measuring technology

Fertiliser spreaders: tecsis load cells make a decisive contribution to precision weighing of the filling quantity of granular fertiliser. The spreading quantity can be checked at any time using displays. The fertiliser spreader settings can be changed accordingly during the spreading procedure. Result: The quantities that are distributed can be optimised for plant growth and metered in an ecologically sensible way, therefore making a contribution to precision farming.

Optimum container load monitoring

Sowing machines: tecsis load cells make it possible to have optimum container load monitoring and therefore extremely accurate filling. Re-filling takes place at the right time with the necessary quantity. The quantity of seed or fertiliser that is distributed can be documented in full. Result: The seed is distributed in the most efficient way and operating costs are reduced.