Welded Thin-Film


Force Transducer with Thin-Film Technology

The innovative force transducers with thin-film technology open up new possibilities in force measurement. Made-to-measure solutions are in demand for complex constructions and sophisticated part geometry – thin-film sensors are the contemporary answer.

Advantages of force transducers with thin-film sensor

  • Outstanding temperature behaviour, good long-term stability and integrated amplifier electronics.
  • Automated production method for fast, low-cost prototype construction in mass production quality.
  • Manufacturing at the tecsis site in Offenbach ensures that distances are short, flexible problem solutions are provided for individual requirements and you receive reliable quality "Made in Germany".

Force transducers with thin-film technology in the technical profile

The thin-film sensor is positioned directly in the power flux of the transducer, similarly to strain gauges.

The force-proportional tensile strain, compressive strain or transverse strain is reliably and precisely recorded in this way. A wide range of applications therefore exists for force transducers with thin-film sensors. These include areas such as mechanical engineering, mobile machinery, lifting gear, geo-technology, process technology, power generation and agricultural engineering.