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Test friction clutches with the FRKPS

The friction clutch on chain hoists should be tested at regular intervals to ensure safety. The user can now dispense with the awkward handling of weights though by utilising the FRKPS chain hoist test set from tecsis. As of now, this is also suitable for chain hoists whose links are of profile steel.

The FRKPS consists of a force transducer, a display unit and guide sleeves suitable for the particular chain strength. To test the release force of the friction clutch, the force transducer together with the appropriate adapter sleeve is inserted into the chain, moves upwards with it against the base of the chain hoist and thereby blocks the chain. Here, the force transducer measures the maximum force that occurs until the friction clutch operates and transfers the value to the display where it can be easily read off by the user.

Up to 99 data sets can be stored. The force transducer covers a measuring range from 40kg to 3500kg. To ensure the FRKPS can also work trouble-free in tough environmental conditions, the force transducer fulfils IP67 degree of protection while the display unit fulfils IP40. The entire system comprising a force transducer, two adapter sleeves for profile steel chains with a link thickness of up to 10 mm and a display unit is supplied in a practical case.

With the FRKPS chain hoist test set, tecsis offers an easy to use and robust testing device for friction clutches on chain hoists.

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